Bulk SMS

We always rely on the provision of text messages by Saudi internal gateways to ensure 100% access, and provide an integrated management program to facilitate the process of sending, managing the text box and telephone numbers and groups, as we are characterized by providing the highest quality and lowest possible cost.

Our Unlimited Capabilities

Bulk SMS services, is a simple solution where you can send a large number of messages. Only phone numbers are defined and with one click you can send the same information to millions at the same time.

Gateways of Linking with Systems

Efficient gateways ready to connect with different systems to activate messages and send automatically through platforms and gateways.

Transmission Systems

Integrated systems for a simple and effective interface to manage your account and control group text messages.

Advertising Messages

Set off to spread with one click, have special promotional name, and achieve real access to all customers' titles.

Telephone Systems

Sending now is also easier than ever before. You can control the sending and activating process through your special mobile.

Effective Databases

Effective databases for effective and categorized numbers to achieve the best results and goals of delivering your messages and offers.

Customer Messages

Connect with your customers, remind them of their appointments, and have a real access to all addresses.

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