Capital Markets

Dreams Brand has a dedicated team for the capital markets with full understanding of CMA requirements to helps public and private companies promote and protect their reputations, as well as navigate complex financial issues and situations with unmatched global scale.

Alsorayai Group


Our Unlimited Capabilities

We offer total support for financial communications for compani including for initial public Offering (IPO), Right Issue Issue (RI), Merg $ Acquistion, Sukuk and Private Placement . To ensure that each project achieves its goal , we provide the financial communications that support our client before , during and after Management Video Production Website & App Developments SMS Camaign.

Creative Design & Type setting
Digital publishing
Event management
E-events or webinar organization
Public relation
Digital Marketing
Marketing communication
Web and Mobile Apps development
Video production

Our technical achievements

How do we work in a capital market project

  • Submit a budget strategy to achieve project goals
  • Getting the approval on the strategy and it's budget
  • Develop a detail work plan for the project
  • Starts the design of the layout of the prospectus and other different materials
  • Start working on the type stting
  • Start a markiting campaign

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